terça-feira, julho 15, 2008


friday five

Out of having nothing to write about (or more precisely, out being laze and never writing things while I remember them), the Friday Five seemed worth the try. Not that there's a reason to try to keep this up. This site is what now, 4 years?

Here we go, last Friday's:

1. Do you have a favorite cause that you support?
No... I'm thinking of something though, for some time near (when I stabilize my bank account). I think I would support the expression of atheist beliefs if I ever felt it threatened (not in Portugal, though).
2. If so, how do you support it?
Probably through founding/leading/being active in discussion groups that go beyond the "internet forum" kind of activity. Maybe through writing.
3. Have you been an active member of an organization (attending meetings, volunteering etc)?
I helped some people work on a shelter of stray dogs. Just a few times. No meetings involved.
4. Have you ever led any group?
No... I did led one or two debates in my life. In one or two particular meetings. Always somewhat discretely.
5. If so, how was your experience with it?
Unexpectedly pleasant.

Yes E., I'm stealing your moves here. 

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