terça-feira, junho 13, 2006



Nesse site fiz um teste para ver como seria a mulher ideal para mim.
Segue-se o resultado:

Your type is the hippie chick

The '60s are over, but you're still searching for that "peace and love" legacy in your ideal woman. Your hippie chick feels most comfortable in flowing skirts and sandals and wears her hair long and loose. She'll take you with her on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury and make you wear flowers in your hair - and you'll love every minute of it. She's all about organic foods and campaigns for the causes she believes in. You want a woman who is genuine, unpretentious, and exudes "flower-power". You admire your love child's free spirit and big heart. All in all, she's got just the right mix of idealism and social conscience to keep you on your toes - and in her arms.

Bem, nunca na vida li tamanho sack of steaming crap num teste online. Se social conscience é realmente um requisito, o "flower-power" e o flowing skirts são um turn-off do caralho.
Porém, de acordo com o publicitado, este é o "The world's leading self-discovery site".
Odeio publicidade.
E odeio aquelas sandálias hippies.

Ya... putas.
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